Dreamdays promotion How to win

Now that you've started the journey to a more confident you, you deserve a reward. We've teamed up with Dreamdays to offer you a choice of 5 experiences of a lifetime – for FREE!

Special K is giving you an INSTANT chance to win 1 of 210 specially designed Dreamdays experiences, all you have to do is buy any promotional pack and scratch the silver panel on the back to see if you've won! If you've won, enter your code along with your personal information on the 'Redeem Your Prize' page and in a few days you will receive your prize pack from Dream Days.

Once you've decided on which of the 5 amazing experiences you want to enjoy, you simply call Dreamdays on 800 2080 and book your experience and the date. It's as simple as that.

For more information, visit Dreamdays' website at dreamdays.ae, or call 800 2080.